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The International Conference on Mycorrhiza (ICOM) is the official conference of International Mycorrhiza Society. The conference, which takes place every few years at locations around the world, provides an outstanding opportunity for mycorrhizal researchers to share information and exchange ideas. Participants include physiologists, geneticists, taxonomists, ecologists, inoculum producers, and land managers. The previous ICOMs have taken place at the following places:

ICOM Icon 

ICOMs started when a group of mycorrhizologists suggested to merge the North American, European, Asian, etc., meetings that had been happening in the past decades into a single international conference gathering all people studying mycorrhizae. ICOM1 took place in Berkeley, USA, in 1996.

The ICOM icon was an initiative of the organizers of ICOM2 in Uppsala, Sweden, in 1998, but was first born when Roger Finlay handed the first piece to the organizing committee of ICOM3 in Adelaide, Australia. They suggested we should build an icon with the addition of a piece of representative wood from the countries hosting the ICOM and they came with the first piece from Sweden. The first piece is at the top and is meant to represent an ectomycorrhizal root or a segment of mycelium with a bifurcation, depending on the observer’s preferences. ICOM3 created the first platform with Australian jarrah. ICOM1 incorporated a little piece some time afterwards to be included in the icon even though the icon started years after that first conference. The icon has included the additions from the hosting organizing committees, has been exhibited during the ICOMs, and when each ICOM was finished it was handed over to the next ICOM organizing committee.