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Wines of the world

It will take place on Tuesday July 2.

It will take place in Fiesta Americana terrace.

This is a tradition in ICOM, feel free to bring your bottle of wine or any other beverage from your country that you would like to share with us.

Cost: MXN 700.00 per person 

Conference Dinner

It will take place on Thursday July 4.

The place for the conference dinner is a huge, beautiful garden in an old hacienda in Mérida where we will have lots of space to eat, talk and dance. The buffet dinner with many food choices and free drinks will be followed by live international music (perhaps a little biased to latin music. The place is so big that there will be room for partying people and quieter corners on the grass for non-dancers and talkers. Do not miss it!!!

Cost: MXN 1,200.00 per person