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(July 5, 2019 at 16:30 ROOM 26)
       1. Welcome and presentation of the agenda
       2. Presentation of the current IMS Board of Directors and Officers
       3. Treasurer’s report
          Motion to approve the financial statements for the preceding years
       4. Report from IMS Committees
       5. Election of the IMS Board of Directors*
       6. Other business


*Election of the IMS Board of Directors

Dear IMS Member, as every two years, we have to renew the IMS governing board. While the former Vice-President becomes automatically the new President, a new Vice-President has to be elected. In addition, we need three new Directors. In order to vote for the candidate of your choice, please watch your e-mail for an invitation. Nominations, collected by the IMS Nomination Committee, and the CV of candidates can be found at the IMS webpage.

The poll will open on Monday July 1, 2019, 12:00 and close on Thursday July 4, 2019, 17:00 Mérida time (Greenwich – 6h).

New IMS board of directors will be announced on Friday July 5, 2019, at the IMS annual meeting at 16:30 Merida time and on the IMS website.

Current structure of the IMS

Board of Directors/Officers:

Francis Martin                                President
John Klironomos                             Vice-President
Tom Bruns                                     Past-President
Marcel van der Heijden                   Director
Mark Brundrec                               Director
Jan Jansa                                      Director
Francisco Javier Alvarez Sanchez     ICOM10 Chair
Miranda Hart                                 Director and Treasurer
Luisa Lanfranco                             Director and Secretary

 Committee Committee                Chairs Nomination

                                                       Philipp Franken
                                                      Jan Jansa
                                                      Timothy Cavagnaro
                                                      Marc-André Selosse


 Awards                                            John Klironomos
                                                        Lynece Abboc
                                                        Katie Field
                                                        Gu Feng
                                                        Caroline Gutjahr
                                                        Martin Nuñez