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Guest Speaker opening the conference: Dr. Julia Carabias Lillo (Mexico). Coordinator: Javier Álvarez


Breakthroughs and challenges in basic knowledge

Keynote speaker morning (Evolution): Annegreth Kohler (INRA, France) Moderator: Ignacio Maldonado (Mexico).

Session 1: Evolution

Session 2: Cellular and molecular studies on symbiosis development (focus on colonization and development)

Keynote speaker afternoon (Interactions): María José Pozo (Estación Experimental del Zaidín, CSIC, Spain). Moderator: Melina López-Meyer (Mexico)

Session 3: Interactions with another biota

Session 4: Cellular and molecular studies on symbiotic functioning (focus on metabolism, transport)



Basic knowledge to underpin the sustainability transition

Keynote speaker (Physiology/Ecology): Jan Jansa (Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Rep.) Moderator: Roberto Garibay (Mexico)

Session 5: Nutrition and resource allocation (plants, fungi and mycorrhizal networks)

Session 6: Environmental stress (water, temperature, toxicity, osmotic)

Session 7: Ecology (from populations to ecosystems)

Session 8: Diversity (taxonomy, biogeography, conservation)




Mycorrhizas in the Global Change context

Keynote speaker morning (global change): Matthias Rillig (Freie Universität Berlin, Germany) Moderator: Mayra Gavito (Mexico)

Session 9: Global worries (species migration, biodiversity and ecosystem loss, species invasions, agricultural intensification, land-use and land cover change)

Session 10: Sustainable management 1 (agriculture, rangeland and forestry management)

Keynote speaker afternoon (sustainability debate): Helena Kahiluoto (Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland). Moderators: John Larsen and Javier Álvarez (Mexico)

Session 11: Sustainable management 2 (soil quality, soil and vegetation restoration, soil ecosystem functions)

Session 12: Mycorrhizal roles in People-Land interactions (ecosystem services, resilience and sustainability)


New technologies and innovation in the study of mycorrhizal symbioses: the way forward

Keynote speaker: Richard Phillips (Indiana University, USA). Moderator: Rocío Vega-Frutis (Mexico).

Session 13: New methods to study mycorrhizas (from elements to ecosystems)

Session 14: Innovative questions and approaches (all kinds)

Session 15: Mycorrhizal research for the future (climate change, adaptation, modeling, remote sensing)

Session 16: Models for mycorrhizal research (model organisms, model study systems, modeling tools and approaches)