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This course will address bioinformatics concepts related to the study of mycorrhizal fungi. Cost: MXN 2,000.00 per person. Coffee break and luch are included. This Workshop has a minimun to operate of 10 participants and a maximum of 20. To register to the workshop click here


Dr. Jorge Ramírez
Workshop instructor

Jorge H. Ramírez-Prado, Ph. D. in Plant Biotechnology. Tenured Associate Professor since 2008 in the Biotechnology Unit at the Centro de Investigación Científica de Yucatán CICY (Yucatan Center for Scientific Research), in Mérida, Yucatán, México. He did a postdoctoral fellowship at the Plant Pathology department of North Carolina State University (Raleigh, NC, USA) where he specialized in bioinformatics applied to phylogenetics and comparative genomics of fungi. His research interests are on Fungal Genomes Evolution, genomic data mining, and development of bioinformatics tools for education and research. Currently his work is focused on the evolution of fungal Secondary Metabolism gene clusters and Cell Wall biogenesis. Although his research is centered on fungi, he is an active collaborator on projects involving the sequencing and analysis of bacteria, viruses, and plants.